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Grinaker-LTA was commissioned by Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone Company SOC Ltd (RBIDZ) to design and contsruct the top structure for Nyanza Light Metals’ Product Development and Testing Centre in Richards Bay, South Africa.

Nyanza Light Metals is a chemical manufacturing company that will produce over 80 000 tons of titanium dioxide pigment per annum. Titanium dioxide pigment is widely used in the manufacturing of products such as paint, industrial coatings, plastic, paper, ink, food, and medicine as well as toothpaste.

The Product Testing and Development Centre will also be used to train the technical teams for the main operation. It will up-skill recently qualified personnel and re-skill individuals, as a commitment towards skills development. This contract was a turn-key project. It had to promote uniformity and standardisation towards the contract participation goal (CPG content). As a results, 30% of the subcontracting had to be performed by unskilled labour from the community.

This proved to be a challenge as most of the local subcontractors who qualifified under the criteria set out in the contract did not have adequate skills to carry out some of the work on-site. However, Grinaker-LTA assisted in transferring and developing the critical skills that subcontractors needed for this project which ultimately will impact the Richards Bay local economic structure. Grinaker-LTA was required to construct the process development plant, office building and a laboratory that has R&D capacity features for the design engineers and technical teams to develop plant designs further. These designs involve the use of highveld slag as opposed to conventional ilmenite slag.

The office building comprises of a ground floor and first floor. The ground floor consists of a reception area, offices, toilets and a laboratory, while the first floor consists of an open office area, private offices, a boardroom, two conference rooms, a kitchen and toilets. The office building also has two storeys, with a terrace area for entertainment purposes and for staff to enjoy lunch, a canteen, a change-room and a workshop for engineering maintenance.

The workshop has a cladded and structural steel structure and is fitted with a one-ton overhead crane that can travel the length of the workshop area. The process building comprises a 40 x 25 m cladded structural steel structure with a three-ton overhead crane travelling the length of the building.

The entire building perimeter has a bunded concrete upstand and the floors slope to the center of the building to a drain that runs into a 10 m3 sump.

There is also a 200 m3 bunded area located next to the process building that will house the following vessels: 2 x 24 m3 sulphuric acid, 2 x 24 m3 caustic soda and 2 x 24 m3 neutralised process liquids.

The roof has fixed ventilation ridge openings and the control has a contrete roof that will serve as aviewing platform. The building also includes the following:

  • Security houses for light and heavy vehicles entrances;
  • Sub-station, generator and bin wash area;
  • Passanger light vehicle entrance with parking; and
  • Heavy duty roadway and entrance, with two separate weighbridges

Grinaker-LTA is delighted to be a part of this distinctive project, as this project will augment Richards Bay’s position as the titanium and minerals beneficiation capital of the African continent.


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