Techno-Parks by their nature are drivers of technological innovation, instigators of job creation and economic opportunity within and beyond all boarders of the region. The Techno-park within the RBIDZ is aimed to be a regional hub of innovation attracting collaboration from various networks of enterprises, tertiary institutions, research institutions, government and business service agencies.  Well utilised techno-parks can be a source of global knowledge, fostering innovation, development and commercialisation of technology resulting in job creation and enhanced quality of life.

Elevating positive prospects and thriving to close distant technology access the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone’s Techno-Park is sighted to be approaching its final stages with the exterior work visibly striking. The roof sheeting has been fully installed, with electrical cabling, plumbing and infrastructural accessories nearing completion. The facility is well composed to provide the intensely sought after innovation and global knowledge to the King Cetshwayo District and the KwaZulu Natal Province at large.

Recalling the inception of the project, months have certainly glided by and the state of the art Techno- park administration building on the ground nearing completion is evidence of the project well executed and RBIDZ’s optimism to bring about change to the District and the Province.

Complementing the pool of infrastructural developments for the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone is also the excellent progress emerging on Medway Road. The widening of the road is envisaged to improve overall access to the Industrial estate  and reducing congestion  resulted by increased operational activities , goods and products transportation and many other envisaged service offerings aimed at boosting the economic landscape.

The Installation of inventive LED street lights on Medway Road has been productively accomplished and the balance of the work such as walkways and landscaping are on execution.

The John Ross intersection bridge upgrade, linking the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone’s Phase 1A and the eastern gate of the Port of Richards Bay  to the John Ross Park way resulted in a well-executed grounds-work  and commitment. With the doubling of the road bridge and the intricate process which entailed the building of a coffer dam to divert the water in the canal has correspondingly been completed. The final concrete for the culvert was laid on the 14th of August 2017.

The road works on Medway Road and the John Ross Parkway are at an incline of completion paving way for anticipated full time future development in and around Richards Bay.