RBIDZ on a mission to develop on-going relationship with King Cetshwayo District Municipality

05 APRIL 2018

RBIDZ CEO- Pumi Motsoahae on a mission to forge a firm relationship with King Cetshwayo District Mayor – Cllr Nonhle Mkhulisi.
The latest engagements between RBIDZ and the Mayor have seen both parties discussing strategies for collaboration with the aim of contributing towards rural community development by tapping into CSI and Enterprise development key strategic initiatives and further identifying key resources that could be a point of focus for investment attraction significantly capitalising on rural riches like timber and other agro-food commodities.


The District and RBIDZ were motivated on the new venture towards developing a coherent working relationship and further engaging bi-monthly to ensure that the engagements are not only talks but are practical and a pathway to the endeavours towards socio economic development in the entire District.