Metals Beneficiation

A Metals Beneficiation Hub will offer tenants a serviced property located in a secure area with investment and operating incentives including a Customs Controlled Area (CCA) within a designated SEZ.

Metals beneficiation facilities in the RBIDZ:

  • Industrial sheds / plots
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Common facility centres
  • Material recycling and handling facilities
  • Truck terminal and parking facilities
  • Skill development centres
  • Systematic network of internal roads
  • Utility lines
  • Firefighting system for the park
  • Common effluent treatment and solid waste disposal and management facilities including hazardous and non-hazardous waste

Expected hub locators include manufacturers and/or processors of:

  • Aluminium conductors
  • Aluminium extrusions for construction material, automobile industries, casings, industrial manufacturers
  • Aluminium castings for the automobile sector, marine engine parts an structures
  • Aluminium foils for food packing and pharmaceutical wraps, cable wraps
  • Aluminium powder and paste for explosives and paints
  • Aluminium slug for producing aerosol cans
  • Aluminium dross to recover aluminium metal

The Metals Beneficiation Hub will offer:

  • Improve intra-inter department cooperation
  • Support technical upgrade
  • Promote industry development by encouraging cluster/alliances/cooperation in the metals and aluminium pipeline
  • Generate sub-sector data including export/import market information

Benefits of locating in the RBIDZ:

  • Improved infrastructure, inter-department cooperation
  • Promote industry development by encouraging cluster / alliances / cooperation in the metals, aluminium pipeline
  • Established linkages with markets
  • Generate sub sector data, including import / export market information
  • One stop services