The RBIDZ wishes to attract investors in order facilitate job creation and export for both light and heavy weight industries. Phase A is now ready and investors can be sure of well serviced land based on a 99 year lease with determined intervals. The RBIDZ is an exciting and viable option for investors who enjoy the advantage of a number of fiscal and financial incentives (FEN HYPERLINK).

Benefits include:

  • The reduction in Corporate Tax from 28 to 15%;
  • World-class industrial land that support infrastructure for export-oriented production;
  • Dedicated in-house Customs Controlled Area (CCA) that supports services to expedite forwarding and clearing;
  • Duty-free on imports for production-related raw materials including machinery and assets used in production with the aim of exporting the finished products;
  • Vat exemptions under specific conditions for supplies procured in South Africa.


Value proposition:

  • Specialist studies
  • Serviced industrial land within the customs control area
  • Business facilitation ( One Stop Shop)
  • Technical Assistance Support and
  • Critical Infrastructure Support


Comparative advantage:

  • Deep water port
  • Proximity to the port
  • Minerals & beneficiation
  • Tax and duty-free rebates
  • Reasonable land rentals and values


The investor process is handled professionally and timeously from enquiry to loan funding, through to final approval.